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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sr. Carol Keehan Should Resign. The Bishops Should Demand CHA Drop the C.

Sr. Carol Keehan should resign.

She has proven herself incapable of leading any organization with the word Catholic in it. She has also demonstrated a complete lack of ethical reasoning in supporting the Obama Dictate that came out on Friday, February 10.

This supposed Bride of Christ has repeatedly scandalized the Catholic Church and the Catholic Health Association with her public support of President Obama's intrusive and unconstitutional health plan. In particular, she has reduced the CHA to a mere publicity tool for Obama through her public support of the Dictate and letting the CHA be used by the Obama propaganda machine.

She has demonstrated an inability to reason clearly and in accord with the eternal principles of charity of the Catholic Church. She fails to see that the Obama Dictate merely provides a plausible-sounding excuse that lets--no--REQUIRES that Catholic organizations violate their consciences while claiming that they have not done so. This smoke-and-mirrors edict MANDATES complicity in unethical medical products and procedures while making it sound like one is not complicit at all. It is a rationalization that she either sees and agrees with, or that she has not seen. Either way, she has inadequate ethical reasoning skills for the job she holds, and therefore does not belong in that job, or any job in any organization claiming to represent Catholic health care principles.

The Catholic Health Association is fast becoming one of the most tarnished and least Catholic organizations on earth. They really must drop the Catholic part of the name.

If they do not do it voluntarily, the bishops should require them to stop using the word Catholic. CHA has US offices in Washington, DC, and St. Louis, MO. Those places have archbishops. Those archbishops should DO SOMETHING. PLEASE. For the sake of the rest of the Catholics in the US and throughout the world. DO SOMETHING. PLEASE.

Email Keehan to let her know: ckeehan@chausa.org

I did.

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