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Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama thinks Catholics are S-T-U-P-I-D

UPDATE below.

Several years back, when my older son was only about 4 or 5, he was homeschooling and did something silly as kids will. One of his older sisters began to correct him and my wife told her to stop, saying, "He's c-u-t-e." And my son said, "I know what that spells. Stupid."

So our president has decided to change the contraception and abortion mandate from forcing religious organizations to offer health insurance that covers it, to...

forcing religious organizations to offer health insurance that covers it.

Technically, he switches the burden from the religious organizations to the health insurance companies. So, now health insurance companies are not allowed to offer any plans to anyone that do not include coverage of objectionable lifestyle drugs and services. So, he's not forcing religious organizations to choose to offer such coverage, he's merely making it impossible for them to offer anything else.

In other words, he's forcing religious organizations that offer their employees health insurance to offer plans that include objectionable drugs and services. You think that insurance companies will offer religious organizations a lower premium because of the limitations in coverage they want to offer their employees? You think insurance companies will offer coverage of these products and services for free? NO. The coverage the religious organizations offer their employees, they coverage they will be forced to pay for through premiums if they offer health insurance at all, will be the same kind of coverage that Planned Parenthood offers their employees. And the same price.

He calls this an accommodation. He says it's not a compromise.

He thinks were STUPID.

I call it an elitist, totalitarian, bald-faced disregard for the US Constitution. And so should you, no matter who you are.

And I do agree that it is not a compromise. It is a heavy-handed imposition of his beloved rule without any back-tracking at all.

It is a relativistic, rationalistic way for religious organizations to comply while claiming not to be acting against their conscience. "We can't help what the insurance company does. We asked them not to. It's their choice, not ours. We don't want to offer a plan that covers contraception and abortifacients. But the insurance company has to." Blah, blah, blah.

But I am glad he did it. Hopefully, the controversy will only continue and cause him to lose the Catholic vote in November. And the vote of everyone who believes that the President of the United State is supposed to UPHOLD the Constitution and SERVE the people, and not DICTATE commercial exchanges and IMPOSE a politically motivated morality on people of religion.

Any Catholics who hide behind this "accommodation" are exactly what Obama thinks you are. He doesn't think you're cute, by the way.

UPDATE: The folks at CatholicVote say that the Catholic Health Association has revealed itself to be exactly what Obama thinks it is. I am trying to verify it but as of about 1:20 my time, the CHA home page is unavailable. Hopefully because thousands of Catholics are swamping its servers with a piece of their mind. At least, that's what I was trying to do.


  1. I call it treason: he steadfastly ignores the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as both stand in the way of his goals. And that is precisely why those documents were created.

  2. Something odd here, Mario... we are both in the Eastern time zone, but your posting time shows as 11:59AM, and mine, 30 minutes later, shows as 9:29 AM.

    1. Hmm. The clock governing my account might be stuck on Mountain Time, but that should only be two hours off, not 3.

      Thanks for your comments. I agree of course.

  3. Maybe it's because HE is stupid ... LOL!!