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Friday, February 10, 2012

More on the ethics of the Obama Dictate

In my last post I pointed out that the “accommodation” issued by President Obama was really a relativistic, rationalistic out. I would like to say a little more about that.

First of all, from a practical standpoint, the “accommodation” really is an attack by Obama and not a retreat at all. It is in fact far worse of a situation than we had before. He has, by dictate, illegalized health insurance plans that do not cover birth control for free. Anything you might say to disagree with me is pure semantics. At CatholicVote, someone called it a bookkeeping change. Secondhand Smoke used the image of a wool cap being pulled over someone’s eyes. Someone else called it smoke and mirrors. The fact is, religious organizations have to offer their employees health plans that cover birth control. Now, however, it is no longer by choice, but by Government Mandate. The Grand Champion of Choice has removed the dynamic of choice from the process. 

It seems that “free to choose” only applies to choosing the Obama Way. Otherwise, he will illegalize our options, leaving only the one he wants us to have.

So let’s look at how he served it up to us S-T-U-P-I-D Catholics.

He said that religious organizations do not have to choose and pay for a health plan that covers objectionable products and services. Instead, the health insurance companies will simply cover those products and services anyway. So, no religious organization has to make a choice that compromises its conscience. It’s all between the health insurer and the employee. 

This is a swindle. We’re supposed to buy this malarkey, and be happy about it, saying, “We’re not paying for birth control coverage!” Are we paying for health insurance? Will that plan cover birth control for those who want it? Is the cost the same as a plan that does not cover it? Then it is only a smoke and mirrors that lets us deny we’re not paying for it. A rationalization.

God sees through rationalizations. He sees the heart. And the heart of this “accommodation” is tyranny.

Now, let’s look closer at these “free” products and services. Obama says it’s a wash in terms of cost: The insurance companies will be glad to provide free birth control because it saves them money over what it would cost them if people didn’t use it. It’s cheaper for them to cover it for free than not cover it. 

Love that reasoning. It’s also way cheaper for insurance companies to cover drugs for high blood pressure than it is to pay for a stroke or heart failure. To pay for drugs for high cholesterol than for a triple bypass. In fact, it is pretty much cheaper for every disease treated by medication to pay for the medication and the doctor’s visits than to pay for the bad consequence of an untreated disease. Therefore, ALL medications and doctor visits for EVERY illness should be 100% FREE. That way, insurance companies will SAVE MONEY!

Uh-huh. Well, it just seems to me that if insurance companies will be covering a particular set of products and services at no cost to the employee, then they will consider that in the premium they charge the employer. And since plans that cover birth control are no different than those that don’t (since anyone who wants birth control will be able to get it for free either way), the cost for both kinds of plans will be the same.

Only an idiot will think otherwise. Sorry to use strong language, but anyone who believes Obama on this is a complete fool.  

This accommodation is also DISCRIMINATORY. It gives preferential treatment to basically young, healthy people who make a particular lifestyle choice. It makes sick people who need their medications and doctor visits to stay alive pay co-pays and coinsurance and deductibles. 

It’s unconstitutional, I tell you. It subverts the First Amendment and the Fourteenth. It is tyrannical.  It is dictatorial. And it is wholly unethical of the president to take such action. It is indefensible.

I have lived to see crooks in the Whitehouse. Liars. Incompetents. Men who have dragged our nation into the muck.

But Mr. Obama is the most unethical man to have held that office. EVER. He might not be committing adultery with interns like JFK and Clinton, big deal. He is, however, just plain DEVIOUS. And that is way worse.

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