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Friday, February 3, 2012

Now Komen Has Caved to Political Pressure

The worst kind of martyrdom one can suffer, some say, is ridicule. You have to live with ridicule and a tarnished reputation. At least if they throw you to the lions, the lions kill you. It's painful, but it's over.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation recently decided to cut funding of Planned Parenthood. Because Planned Parenthood is under investigation by federal authorities. I wish it were for other reasons, like Planned Parenthood being a facilitator of child prostitution and pedophilia and the like. Or because there is still a possible connection between Planned Parenthood's bread and butter--abortion and contraception--and the incidence of breast cancer, a connection that is admittedly not clearly worked out either way. 

Planned Parenthood responded with heavy ridicule and called upon its activists to stop funding Komen.

Komen caved.

Komen has caved to ridicule and the possibility of losing money.

Komen caved to Mammon, and the bloody child sacrifice of the last 39 years.

Komen is not worthy of pro-life money. Given their historic support of Planned Parenthood, even if it's for breast cancer screening, they possibly never were worthy.

Now, see how crafty the Planned Parenthood people (and whatever forces lurk behind them) are. They can rail on Komen and criticize them and call on people to stop donating and get away with it. But what if pro-lifers now get vocal and threaten to cut Komen off from donations and funding? Well, pro-lifers would then be painted as being hypocrites, for imposing a horrible death by breast cancer on millions of women.

Pro-lifers take note: There are other organizations that help women with breast cancer. Komen is the largest. But it didn't used to be. There is no need for them to remain so big if someone else could do just as well. If we put our money elsewhere, some other organization will be the largest. Komen and Planned Parenthood are not the only ways women get help for breast cancer and not the only way you can help women with breast cancer.

So if you give money to help find a cure for breast cancer, that is great, do not give a cent less.

But give it to someone else who won't give it to Planned Parenthood. Give it to someone with courage to stand for their convictions in the face of ridicule. Give it to someone more concerned about doing what is right than what is lucrative.

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