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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obama is Tyrannical, Delusional, and Unethical

People just don't seem to be getting it. A lot of Catholics and anyone who loves the Constitution are really ticked at the Obama Dictate and for good reasons that many (myself included) have mentioned.

But what they don't get is that what just happened is HORRIBLE. We are now far worse off than we were before the Dictate came out on Friday.  I'm am absolutely NOT saying we should have backed down on Thursday to avoid this worse situation. NO. On the contrary, I believe that now is the time to RALLY!! NOW is the time to redouble our efforts!! We have momentum--let's not lose it!!

Here's why things are worse now, though:

a) By pure dictatorial mandate has illegalized all health insurance that does not cover birth control and related products and services.

b) He believes the debate is now over, and that the HHS policies will move forward without impediment.

c) a and b mean that Obama is first of all a tyrant. A tyrant. T.Y.R.A.N.T. You say, it's impossible, he's a democratically elected president, we have a constitution, it's impossible that any tyrant hold the office of president. I say, you're as delusional as Obama is. OPEN YOUR EYES. What has just happened is a tyrannical mandate that makes it impossible for people to act on their consciences by taking away their freedom to choose otherwise, in a commercial exchange that ought to be free and full of supply-side options that satisfy demand-side diversity. This tyrannical mandate not only infringes upon the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution, it unfairly and unnecessarily intrudes upon simple free enterprise.

d) The fact that he thinks it's all over now means he's delusional. It is not over. Well, maybe the bishops will become complacent, maybe the House of Representatives will be placated enough to back down. Maybe it will all become quiet. But, unfortunately it is not over.

America, we live under a dictatorship. A delusional man who thinks he's king and the rest of us are stupid, but we can think of ourselves as smart if we agree with his policies.

Please. Those of you with any kind of influence, and any kind of fire in your belly over this: DO NOT GIVE UP NOW. REDOUBLE YOUR EFFORTS!!

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