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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Liberals think people are S-T-U-P-I-D

I cannot believe what I'm reading on FoxNews.

We are debating another attack on women's health care fueled purely by politics," Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said. "Taking the lead from their party's surging presidential candidate Rick Santorum, this amendment seeks to change debate in D.C. from growing the economy and growing jobs to fighting culture wars."

Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey put it more bluntly: "The GOP option gives women one option -- barefoot and pregnant."

So. Whether or not Obama has subverted the Constitution is now mere culture wars. The real issue is forcing women to be barefoot and pregnant.

What idiots are in Washington. They really think we're stupid. That if they ridicule us enough, we'll shut our mouths. This is what it is really about: Getting us to SHUT UP. They cannot STAND that anyone could possibly oppose THEM. 

It is elitist. It shows callous disregard for the Constitution. And of course, it's just plain bankrupt from a bioethical standpoint. 

I am really upset that such sniping, such immaturity can find its way into the highest levels of our government. But it is there.

Please. Do not cower in the face of ridicule. Stand up to it. Respond thus: Well, Obama wants us all to be broke and starving and unable to drive or use the TV. Don't we have a constitutional right to eat? To have money? To drive to work? To power our stuff? Well then, the government should be giving us FOOD and CASH and GAS and ELECTRICITY for free! To everyone, not just the poor! If women have a right to free abortifacient products and procedures, then all the more does everyone have a right to these necessities. People can live without birth control. They can't live without food and gas and power. If there's a right to birth control, ALL THE MORE is there a right to these things. So, cough if up you liberals!!! Let's get away from these culture wars!

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