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Monday, September 17, 2012

Vote for Obama? Give me one good reason.

I have never been a huge fan of Romney and wished Republicans had nominated someone else. But I intend to vote for him.

And the main reason is that Obama appears to have failed on every measure of being President of the United States. And I generally align with Romney on the issues.

So I ask any Obama supporters out there who might happen to read or stumble onto this blog: Can you give me any good reason -- any at all -- to give the guy another 4 years?

Now here are the rules:
  • No trashing Romney. This is about Obama and his qualifications and successes and so forth. If you trash Romney, then it will serve as another reason to vote against Obama, because the only success you can mention is that he's good at making his rivals look bad, and that's not a good quality in a president.
  • No blaming Bush. This is about Obama, not Bush. Yeah, Obama started his presidency under very difficult conditions, but after 4 years he has not appeared to overcome the difficulties he inherited.
  • No blaming Congress. Yes, Congress has been pretty obstinate. But again, that only means Obama has appeared to fail to overcome partisan tendencies in Washington.
  • Focus on Obama and his qualifications to continue his administration another 4 years.
I have questioned Obama's bioethical reasoning in numerous other posts, and feel personally insulted by him on some issues. I also watch our embassies burn across the Muslim world on the anniversary of 9/11 and have to wonder about the guy's foreign policy. His economic policies, insofar as they've been thwarted by the Republicans in the House, perhaps have not been given a chance, but their value is only theoretical. They do not sound very good to me, and sometimes "doing something" is not really better than "doing nothing," so I tend to side with the Republicans on this one. Perhaps things aren't even worse now because of those obstinate Republicans. I see GM heading for bankruptcy again as it sells Volts for half their manufacturing costs with taxpayer money keeping them afloat. I see our national debt skyrocketing and our credit rating plummeting. I see a future where our dollar becomes even more worthless than it is. I wondered the other day about whether we should stop minting pennies, and I figure we should probably stop minting nickels, too, and maybe we should just stop making coins altogether. The US Dollar: The new penny.

Anyway, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why on earth anyone supports the guy.

So tell me: What's a good reason to vote for Obama?

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