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Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is how you know Obama is a hypocrite

In 2008, I had something like this as my mantra:

Whoever refuse to protect innocent life has no moral authority to speak about war or the economy, or to lead this nation.

Mr. Obama said at the UN recently: "There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents."

OK, what about: "The right to choose"?

Huh, Mr. President of the United States? How about them words?

So you refuse to illegalize infanticide in Illinois, you support embryonic stem cell research, you are a committed pro-abortion politician, your party -- the party of which you are the leader -- is full of people who support euthanasia, you kowtow to terrorists.

And we're supposed to take you SERIOUSLY when you speak at the UN?

Man, day by day, you prove more and more how totally UNQUALIFIED you are to be POTUS.

Thank you, Fr. Z -- yet, I think "hypocrisy" is a better word than "irony" in this case.

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  1. ...and claiming to be a Christian, Obama also has mocked the Bible and revered the Koran; announced support for "same sex marriage" as another manifestation of his hypocritical double-mindedness.