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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Romney's 47% Comment and Free Obama Phones

Here's a YouTube video showing a pro-Obama protester at a Romney event. She got a free phone from Obama, she says. Apparently, folks in Cleveland, a major city in a vital swing state, if they're receiving government hand-outs in the form of Social Security, disability, and that sort of thing, can get a free phone.

A free phone.

A free phone.

Now, here's how this works. You tax your political enemies. You use that tax money to reward your political friends. You make those friends dependent upon you, and they'll support you in the future.

If 47% of the people depend on the government taxing the other 53%, do you not think those 47% will vote for politicians who supporting the programs paid for by the other 53%? What happens to the democratic process? What happens to principles of good government? What happens to liberty?

This is NOT NOT NOT about disparaging those 47%. It's about the government, and the philosophies of those politicians who use government to buy the 47% and keep them dependent upon themselves like junkies depend on a dealer.

And then what happens when 100% of us are dependent upon the government in some way, say, for health care? What happens to democracy then?

You know, say what you want about Republicans -- and I'd probably agree with a lot of what you say -- I think it's definitely a much more principled position to say that the government should not be so involved in people's daily lives. I just trust someone more who says, "Let's not use the government's power to tax to buy votes. Let's tax everyone less, and keep government out of things as much as possible." Rather than someone who says, "We need the government to provide healthcare, food, money, housing, and phones, because to do any less means we do not care for the disadvantaged among us." One smacks of political deceit more than the other. I'm not saying Republican politicians are an honest lot. I am saying, though, the Democrats are bald-faced liars.

It cannot be popular with people who want governments to give them phones, money, food, housing, healthcare. Taking the unpopular position is far more noble, far less political.

Anyway, that's how I see it.

And that protester who got the phone -- what does she think of Romney? "He sucks!" Brilliant. Absolute brilliance.

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