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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Obamacare, Thanksgiving, and Indigestion

This is going to backfire, Mr. President.

The Obama campaign arm - the man is always campaigning instead of presiding - is apparently trying to persuade supporters of Obamacare to persuade their family members over Thanksgiving dinner.

Why will this backfire?  Three reasons:
  • There are way too few supporters of Obamacare--if anyone brings up the topic, you can be sure that about 70% of the people around the table will be hostile to it. Just think. Alcohol, football, overeating, normal family discussions and interpersonal fireworks, and relatives one can't stand anyway but is trying to get along with for the sake of the holiday -- and said relative mentions, "Hey, let me tell you why I think the ACA is great!" Might as well try and fix a heating oil leak while smoking.
  • People have way more important and interesting things to talk about.
  • Even if Obamacare supporters succeed in persuading their family members, the new converts will not be able to sign up! The call centers will be closed and the website is (still) not working. So they'll have the weekend, or at least until the tryptophan and alcohol wear off, to come to their senses.
Hey I think I figured out Team Obama's strategy! Get people while they're drowsy and tipsy!

Ha, ha. Won't work for me. Talking about Obamacare under such conditions is only likely to make me cranky.

Also, I'd like to make an observation. Team Obama is apprently telling people to "have the talk" -- in this case, meaning about Obamacare. But "to have the talk" is usually what happens between a parent and child when that child is maturing physically and needs to know the "facts of life." It's "the talk." THE talk.

After talking about voting for the first time for Obama being like losing one's virginity, after using blatant sex and the availability of free contraception to promote Obamacare, I am totally not surprised that Team Obama is talking about "having the talk." Ugh. Is that all they think about?

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