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Friday, November 22, 2013

Are we sensing a pattern in Mideast violence yet?

A few months ago we saw how those brave warriors of Boko Haram faced a Christian elementary school in Nigeria and burned the students alive. I posited at the time that the unrest throughout the mid-east appears to be targeting Christians to drive out the remnant from what used to be Christian lands. I wondered whose side the US should be on in Syria. But the plight of Christians in Iraq and elsewhere is underreported in the mainstream media.

And then comes this: Syrian rebels are specifically targeting non-combatant Christian facilities, like schools, the Apostolic Nunciature, and churches. I find it funny how, now that the Russians are commanding the conversation instead of us on Syria, Syria is out of the mainstream news.

But at the same time, so are this attacks on defenseless Chrstians facilities.

Children. They are targeting and killing children. They are rebelling against Assad and they are killing Christian children.

No. These actions are not of God.

And yes. There is a pattern here.

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