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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some pondering as Obamacare goes to the Supreme Court

a) Obama has mandated that all health insurance policies include free contraception, sterilization, and other anti-reproductive products and procedures

b) Obamacare has mandated that everyone has to own health insurance

So I gotta ask: Does this guy have something on his mind?

Catholics are sometimes criticized for being preoccupied with sex. That's a myth of course. We're preoccupied with the context for having sex. It's gotta be just right. Circumstances do a lot to the ethics of a particular choice. Circumstances can make a good act, like sexual intimacy, to be bad. It's some other group, decidedly not Catholic, that is preoccupied with sex itself, making it a part of the educational system they control right at first grade, endorsing it as the content of TV, movies, internet sites, and so on. If Catholics, who say keep sex in the right context, seem preoccupied with sex, it's only because everyone else keeps shoving it in our face.

Now, the circumstances facing Catholics if the Supreme Court upholds Obamacare is this. It will be impossible for Catholics to offer or purchase health insurance that doesn't include costly coverage of undesired and unethical products and procedures. If you are courageous enough to pay the fine or go to jail over this, God bless you. I'm not so sure it's necessary to do that. Most of us who don't work for the Church already face this dilemma with our secular employers' health plans. It's like buying cable TV. It would be great if the cable company didn't offer objectionable channels and all the channels avoided objectionable content, but are you gonna do without ESPN and EWTN because you don't want MTV, which you can't not get? My family needs coverage. I cannot afford it otherwise. I'll save going to the rack for when they want me to deny my faith.

But that does not mean this is not an important matter. It is. It is a huge violation of the Constitution and a tyrannical governmental intrusion into private affairs. We must resist it vigorously.

Yet, if it's not our sin, then whose sin will this be? It will be on him who wrote the rules of the game.

Poor Obama. Poor, poor Obama. The sins of tens of millions of Catholics on his poor soul.

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