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Monday, March 19, 2012

Genocide is on its way

This post might seem a bit disjointed, but so be it. I've been brooding about the coming dark days in bioethics, indeed, they are upon us already. And it's not just about people believing that words create rather than reflect reality, although that is a significant part of it.

Genocide. It is leading to genocide.

In the words-create-reality department, people are are defining "person" however they wish, and are exceedingly bold in asserting that it is perfectly permissible to kill non-persons. Non-persons do not have rights. Non-persons have no capacity to assess value or experience pain or pleasure. Non-persons' value to the rest of us is determined by others. If there is no value to the non-person, the non-person can be killed.  Right now, persons are defined in terms of cognitive ability. Unborn and recently born babies, and persons -- ahem, I mean human individuals -- in a persistent coma, for instance, are non-persons. And we can kill them if we want to. Well, laws against that sort of thing might persist, but it's not unethical (in this view).

This was all outlined in a recent article under the term "after-birth abortion." Termination of a pregnancy, after the pregnancy is over by giving birth. Talk about denial of reality.

But note: It's about two things: The right to define person as one wishes. And the right to kill those defined to be non-persons. If yesterday a person was any living individual of the species Human, and today we say a person is an individual of the species human having the capacity to think, then it is only a matter of time before people like me are defined as not being able to think.

Meanwhile, the influential Muslim religious leaders in Saudi Arabia are advocating the destruction of Christian churches. The desecration and destruction of churches. You see, in that mentality, if you do not belong to their religion, you are not thinking clearly. You therefore do not have rights. You are a non-person.

I have wondered why the media are reluctant to publish stories on the slaughter of Christians at the hands of Muslims in Africa. They give some lip service to the plight of Egyptian Christians, but not the details. Why does the denial of a building permit for a mosque near Ground Zero in NYC cause an uproar, and the genocide of Christians in sub-Sarahan Africa get nothing?

Call me cynical, but I believe the media and the people behind the media are jealous. The media can only use ridicule and spin to eliminate Christians, especially Catholics, and have to look with green-eyed envy on those who just go out and bomb churches with families inside worshipping God.

I am telling you: It is only a matter of time before Christianity is considered a mental disease, one indicating the loss of person-defining mental faculties. OK, we're quite a ways from that, I admit. But we are without a doubt heading in that direction. Just fill out the table below, and notice just who is pro-killing and who isn't.

Mainstream Media


Pro-assisted suicide

Pro-embryonic stem cell research


Pro-moral relativism

Pro-enemies of Christianity

So, you can't tell me that godless people preoccupied with having the right to kill others to better society are kindly souls looking out for the little guy.

Nobody who has a godless preoccupation with the right to kill others is a kindly soul. They might be nice to the people they like, just as Sister What's-her-name of the (so-called) Catholic Health Association is well-liked by the media. Because she's a "good" Catholic, the kind that rolls over when asked, barfs up the party line on cue, and undermines Catholic doctrine reflexively. Everyone else is a just a few words away from being redefined as a non-person. And what do we know about non-persons? That's right children! It's OK to kill non-persons!

Genocide is on its way. Can't happen here? We'll see.

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