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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Euthanasia and Suicide Now an Amusement Attraction

This sort of proves we're not on a slippery slope at all, but a well-defined and well-charted route toward barbarism masquerading as civility.

This guy got a PhD is amusement park technology ("gravitational aesthetics") and then went on to develop a suicide roller coaster. Yep. A roller coaster so intense, the g-forces deprive the rider's brain of oxygen and kill him. So, instead of hustling ol' granny to Oregon or Switzerland, you just load her in the seat. At the top of the first hill -- 1600 feet high -- she must press the Fall (and die) button. If not, one presumes that she can back slowly down the hill. If the precarious height of the hill doesn't scare her to death, that is.

He obviously thinks that he's doing the world a service. Inventing new and fun ways of killing people. Frankly, one could seriously call his invention a torture device. It's all over in less than a minute after the fall starts, about 3 minutes altogether. Still, to sit there and get pleasure out of dreaming up new and exciting ways of killing people is just plain bizarre.

Really, what separates him from a homicidal maniac? I'll tell you: The selection of victims. He has picked a group of people that ostensibly wants to die, and has gotten his jollies figuring out ways to kill them. He makes it socially acceptable by giving them a safeguard, but that's just lip service to keep people like me from calling him what he is.

Actually, he's onto something that could also solve the moral issues around the death penalty. We should pair up other homicidal maniacs with the suicidal and/or terminally ill. That way, the killer could get his thrills while doing a great service for someone suffering, and his inclination to criminal activity could be channeled into something legal, in high demand, but not very attractive to most people. That way, there would be no need for the death penalty, because all the "victims" would be willing and so not really victims of murder.

The suicide/euthanasia/murder coaster is not built, and I pray to God that it never sees any light beyond this fellow's warped mind.

(Hat-tip to my daughter who pointed this out to me!)

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