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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obsoleter and Obsoleter: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Researchers are getting the idea that if they want to make marketable and thus profitable medical therapies based on stem cells, then they ought to focus on sources other than embryos.

This article profiles several biotech companies using a person's own fat cells as a source for adult stem cells. These cells are then coaxed (in the lab) into differentiating into other kinds of cells, as needed, for whatever regenerative medicine the person needs. Researchers who really want to get results rather than just suck up to the government for grant money are flocking away from embryonic cells not only as being ethically bankrupt, but therapeutically bankrupt, too. Eventually, that line of research will become economically bankrupt.

I'm unemployed right now, so I'm not investing any money any time soon. I wish I could, because I'd put a little money into these companies. And I wish I could get a commission for recommending them. And these companies are in addition to NeoStem, which the Vatican has invested with, as I noted in another post.

Embryonic stem cell research has no ethical foundation whatsoever. None. If you disagree, let's talk about it.

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