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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Margaret Sanger Gets Her Wish With Abortion

Lifesite news has a story about an engaging project by Chiaroscuro showing the abortion rate in New York City by zip code. In some neighborhoods, 70% of pregnancies are ending in abortion. Sad.

But what will make Margaret Sanger happy is that the highest rates of abortion are in predominately black neighborhoods. Sanger was a racist and a eugenicist who didn't like poor black people and other minorities. She founded Planned Parenthood, not to defend the right of women to get abortions, but to defend the right of physicians to perform them on "undesirables."

Planned Parenthood is not about serving the poor, it is about eliminating them and making money along the way. I hope leaders among the African-American community take note. They are being exploited. Sixty percent of black babies are being aborted. That is the future of your community. Annihilation.

Hispanics have the next highest rate of abortion at over 40%. Sanger is happy about that because most of the Hispanics are Catholic, so she gets to kill two birds with one stone. Hispanics out there -- seriously, rediscover your Catholicity and get back on track with marriage and your strong sense of family, and stop letting Planned Parenthood make you pay to have them ruin your future.

You think the men are the problem? They quite possibly are. But let me tell you something: If the women band together, and they live by traditional moral values (such as "waiting until marriage" and "marriage is forever" and "children are a blessing") the men will fall in line. Believe me. It may take a while, but if you band together and take the high road, the men will follow. I know, it's no excuse for the men to behave the way they do. They should find it in themselves to be honorable and decent and caring and committed. It's true. Wake up men! But is so easy to be otherwise when the women let them get away with having their fun and running from responsibility.

Maybe the women like it this way too, I don't know. They don't get tied down to a guy who might turn out to be a loser. They can shop around. Have some fun. But what does it get them? The pleasure of forking over hard-earned money to Margaret Sanger's buddies?

Anyway, the data were interesting, if depressing.

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