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Monday, September 9, 2013

Whose side is Obama on in Syria?

Seriously, I want to know.

I know that he is vaguely anti-Assad, but that doesn't say much.

Whose side is he on?

The side of THESE rebels, who are also anti-Assad?

I know whose side I'm on.

I'm on the side of the Christians.

Dear Mr Obama: The CHRISTIANS are the real victims in Syria. THE CHRISTIANS. You want to intervene in Syria? Take the part of the Christians and I'll support you. But if you attack Assad, you merely fuel the destruction of the Christians. And honestly, I feel more strongly connected to the dead Christians lying in the street of Maaloula than I do to any non-Christian gas attack victims.

And so what if the Muslims accuse you have launching "a crusade." First of all, the Muslims don't need excuses like that to hate the US. You attack Assad, and Iranian Muslims will hate you. Don't, and Al-Quaeda Muslims will hate you. And besides, the Crusades were for the most part wars to defend Christians fighting to keep their homelands from Muslim invaders.

At any rate, it's the Christians who are the biggest victims in all this fighting. O Great Liberal, take the side of this voiceless, helpless group of the disenfranchised victims of imperialistic, militaristic fundamentalists.

Oh, I forgot. Liberalism isn't really about speaking for the voiceless and helping the helpless and all that, now is it?

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