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Monday, July 15, 2013

The DOJ, Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, and the Federal Thought Police - UPDATES

OK, I think one of the good things the Federal Government does is have a Department of Justice. I think though, this is also a department that can easily be abused.

Here is the FoxNews story about how the DOJ is looking into filing civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Here is a paragraph quoting Attorney General Holder, a man who is at least 4 years in office longer than he should be:

He added that the shooting provides an opportunity to speak "honestly" about the charged issues involved in the case, and that "we must not ... let this opportunity pass." Holder even appeared to suggest the possibility of bias in this case, saying it's important to address "underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these too common incidents."
So now the DOJ is concerned about THOUGHT. They must investigate whether Zimmerman's "attitudes" and "beliefs" and functional "stereotypes" are "underlying" his choice to kill Martin, and that maybe if his attitudes were different, his beliefs not "mistaken" and so on, that maybe Martin would be alive today.

If someone is bashing your head against the sidewalk, I think if you have a fairly low opinion of the assailant, if your attitude toward him is bad, your beliefs about him are negative, and you've classified him as possibly a homicidal thug, you'd be right and well within your rights of using a gun, and you've shown restraint up until this moment if you haven't used it yet. And if you're a black homosexual whose head is being beaten against the sidewalk by a white, straight male, I'd say the same thing as if the roles were reversed. They guy bashing your head may just kill you and you should defend yourself.

NOW, honestly, I didn't follow this case very closely. But what I just said has nothing to do with race. And the last thing you're gonna do with your bloodied, bashed head is use it to ponder whether or not defending yourself is gonna get you in trouble because people are gonna PROFILE YOU as a racist and ACCUSE YOU of profiling your assailant because of his race. 

And that is a very liberal tactic. Accuse the opposition of the very thing you are doing. Yes, because Zimmerman killed a black man, the liberals are profiling him as a racist.

My point, though, is that the DOJ has determined, as a matter of justice worthy of a federal investigation, investigate attitudes, beliefs, and stereotypes held by a potential perpetrator. 

They have officially made themselves - and have explicitly done so - the Thought Police.


MEANWHILE, according to the allegations of the apparent victim, a group of black males randomly abducted and assaulted a white male, for no clear reason other than in retaliation "for Trayvon." Sorry, but this, if it's true, does nothing to undo false stereotypes.

Also, even though the lady in the picture in this article is totally correct with her placard that says, "Being black is not a crime," it must be said that Trayvon was not killed for being black. Furthermore, looting, pillaging, stopping traffic on a freeway, and attacking innocent people on a sidewalk ARE crimes. And what brought on this behavior? A black man who was in a fight with an Hispanic man got shot and the Hispanic man was found innocent by reason of self defense, and the rioters - the article calls them protestors, but they are really a violent, rioting MOB - didn't like the verdict. Why did they feel justified in vandalism, stealing, violence, and assault against those people, what did those people DO to deserve such treatment? Nothing, except live in a society where an Hispanic man can kill a black man in self defense and be acquitted of murder and manslaughter.

Let's see if the DOJ investigates the rioters' thoughts, THEIR beliefs, attitudes, and stereotypes that led to these WIDESPREAD violence and law breaking. Zimmerman broke no laws, apparently. And these rioters? Let's see law enforcement in action, and learn whether the DOJ has some underlying beliefs, attitudes, and stereotypes at work themselves.

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