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Friday, April 12, 2013

Gosnell abortion murder trial - links to media blackout info

The most horrific murder trial of the 21st Century involving the defining bioethical issue of our age is going on in Philadelphia, and the media - particularly the left-leaning media - are not covering it. Here are some links of interest:

First of all, go to Get Religion - Mollie's coverage of the media blackout has the makings of a Pulitzer Prize sensation, if the scandal weren't about the media itself. Keep at it, Mollie!!! She's contacted reporters, gotten tweets back - go see, it's educational.

USAToday - gotta give them kudos when they deserve them - has a column about the loss of perspective of what belongs on the Front Page. Hey - the front page, yes. But ANY page would be good, too, and a lot of the media are not covering it at all.

The Atlantic has an opinion piece along the lines of the USAToday lament about this story deserving to be on the front page. It is also right now their most popular item. But is ANYTHING about this case on THEIR front page? NOPE. Bitcoins are more important.

The NYTimes has nothing for over a month, and before that, it was a year and a half. Search "Gosnell" there and you get two outdated stories and a bunch of obituaries for folks unfortunate enough to share the murder's last name. Oh, and paid sponsorship ads for abortion clinics.

Breitbart, which is only today beginning to cover this, but finally they are, has a story on Politico's complete absence of this story. Go search "Kermit Gosnell" at Politico, and what do you get? ZERO hits. Not ONE story. And yet, it is the single most searched term at Politico, ahead of gun control, immigration, and North Korea. Mollie covered this, too, at Get Religion, and pointed out, "Way to serve your customers, Politico." Nice angle, Mollie. Great point.

Foxnews - Fox is as guilty as the liberal media for its lack of coverage. FOR SHAME. They have one story from back in February, and the only other story was from over a year ago.  USAToday has more - but at least Fox also put out an opinion piece on the dearth of coverage. Actually, I'm not surprised at Fox. Half their stories are prurient fluff about wardrobe malfunctions and bikini photos. I am convinced if they're not taking the liberal angle as much as CNN does, it's only because they've found a niche and making it work - it's marketing, not philosophy.

A search for "Gosnell" at CNN returns back practically nothing, if it weren't for the search engine wondering if I meant "Gospel"! Uh, NO. But their front page is loaded with gun control. You know. Because of Sandy Hook.

I just learned just  now that MSNBC.com redirects to NBCnews.com. Well, I can't say that I mourn the demise of the MSNBC website, because today is the first day I ever tried to access it. BUT, a search for "Gosnell" there turns up quite a few stories. On the other hand, there's nothing on the front page whatsoever, so if you didn't specifically look for it, you wouldn't find it.

Mollie got some interesting tweets back, like one saying it's not being covered because it's a local crime story. Uh-huh. Mollie herself at Get Religion and Breitbart have some interesting responses to that pathetic excuse. Wasn't Sandy Hook a local crime story? Is Todd Aikins' remarks about rape a national policy story? Idiots making idiotic excuses.

Twitchy is covering the frequency of #Gosnell - and it's trending, and the tweets are demanding an end to the media blackout. They're getting more and more critical of the silent media outlets.

The MSM are basically undermining what little credibility they have. They're falling on their swords - or scalpels, if you prefer - over this issue.

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