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Friday, October 12, 2012

UPDATE: The White House Just Threw the State Department Under the Bus

If you like Obama, God bless you. But the man is day by day proving himself less and less worthy as a leader.

This is an attempt to control the whacky comments by the Vice President that he and Obama did not know the Libyan embassy wanted more security. Simply put, the White House is claiming that the President and Vice President did not know because that information did not trickle up to them. The State Department knew, however, and it was their responsibility to deal with the requests.

So. Obama is blaming Hillary. If I were Hillary, I'd quit. Right now. Not in disgrace (although there is that) but in distaste for being made a scapegoat.

It is backfiring for two reasons.  First, Obama proves he did not know what was going on. He was out of touch. And people died because of his lack of leadership.

Second, Obama proves that he can stab anyone in the back, including his highest ranking cabinet officer who happens to be the wife of his biggest and most charismatic supporter.

This is ugly, Mr. President. U.G.L.Y.

Oh, and your VP is a dope.

Man, if I were Hillary I would bail. I really would. It would seal the deal in terms of Obama's chances at reelection and maybe she wants to be a "team player" and all that. But he's becoming increasing toxic to her career, so she has really got to distance herself from him ASAP. Unless she wants to retire. Which would be ok by me.

And what does this have to do with bioethics?

Well, bioethics requires sound moral reasoning. And it is quite clear that our President is really very bad at that. It spills over into bioethical issues, too.

UPDATE: Looks like Bill is working on ways of removing Hillary from the fray so this episode does not stain her career. Keep tuned. And remember, I predicted it!

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