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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Intolerant, Hateful Cowards

But they obviously consider themselves brave crusaders against hate and intolerance.

Check out the video here. If these are Chicago values, I'm glad I live 1000 miles away from Chicago.

This isn't about any position on the issue. It's about tactics. It's about what they do, not what they stand for.

Brave homosexuals harassing an innocent and helpless homeless guy whose big crime was to be reading a Bible at a Chick-Fil-A. They ganged up on him and berated him, lectured him, were such models of tolerance and justice and decency.

I challenge them to do the same thing there in Chicago -- but better yet, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iran -- but to target guys reading the Koran and berate them for their hate against homosexuals. I would call them brave then. I would call them consistent.

But as long as they continue to gang up like this on harmless individuals, I call them hypocrites. Cowardly, immature, hypocritical bullies.

You  know, but it's stuff like this that make me wonder about whether the gay rights movement is rooted in justice or something else. I'm thinking something else. If anyone wants me to think differently about the movement, well, talk to me when this sort of stuff stops.

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