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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coming soon -- Atheism, Religion, and Ethics: A Discussion

Some of my most frequently viewed posts of late involve the issue of whether atheism provides any foundation for a system of objective ethics. Atheists, from what I can tell, are divided on the issue, but my position is that by denying the existence of God, atheism at least tacitly denies the possibility of judging anything to be objectively moral/ethical.

A rather interesting discussion has occurred in the comboxes of these posts, challenging me not only philosophically with respect to the topic, but also with respect to my Italian temperament. You know, in Italy, if you get into a fender-bender, it is somewhat obligatory to wave your hands and do a little yelling and engage in some hyperbole with the other person, and afterward, you go to the cafe and get an expresso together. So, it's nothing personal.

But this isn't Italy, so my interlocutor and I will skip the histrionics and just go right to the cafe and have our discussion there.

Or rather, we'll have it right here. First post in the series coming in the next day or so!

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