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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama Halo

It's not just me. Do an image search for "Obama halo" and see what comes up. DOZENS of different pictures of Obama with a halo. Sometimes it's his O logo from his campaign. (By the way, that O logo is brilliant from a marketing standpoint. I dislike the brand intensely, but as a marketing professional, I have to admit that it was ingenious. Republicans, take note. I'm not saying you need an R logo, Romney, I'm just pointing out they got smart marketers working for them.) Sometimes it's the presidential seal. Sometimes it's just a glow. And sometimes it's an actual halo. Very few were jokes. The rest were serious.

I thought perhaps that it was common to do that with presidents, so I searched "Bush halo" for comparison. There were a few. Very few. Half the results were Obama halos. And of the ones that did show Bush, half or more were jokes. One made the halo glows look like Mickey Mouse ears, for instance.

"Clinton halo" did not turn up a single Bill or Hillary with a halo.

Obama wins the halo award.

I just want to say that we live in a world that believes that if we say something it becomes reality. I mean, if we "say" that a fetus is a non-person, it IS a non-person. If we "say" euthanasia is about the right to die, then it's not about the right to kill. If we "say" the word marriage can include same-sex unions, then it does. If the lawsuit by 43 Catholic organizations is about contraception and not religious liberty, then that's what it's about.

So if we show Obama with a halo, he is thereby a saint.

Um. No. Sorry. Reality really doesn't work that way.

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