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Monday, August 29, 2011

Yet ANOTHER Reason Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is Obsolete

The reason ESCR is obsolete is that we do not need embryonic cells to obtain the therapeutic goals that are so desired.

First, there are adult stem cells in your body right now that could be used for therapies. Those adult stem cells can be induced to the pluripotent stage, such that they could become any cell necessary for a medical treatment. Work still needs to be done, but the obsolescence of ESCR is clear from adult stem cell research alone.

Now researchers have found that amniotic fluid is a rich source of stem cells that exhibit properties of both embryonic and adult stem cells. These cells are already demonstrating therapeutic promise in early animal studies. Plus, they are an abundant source of cells for banking for use later on in life by the person who was in the amniotic fluid prior to birth.

So, why are people still pursuing ESCR? Because of MONEY. Don't believe the rhetoric about therapies. Other sources of stem cells are ALREADY being used for a multitude of therapies, and any therapeutic potential of ESC can be satisfied by these other sources.

It's scam, and it's all about the money. Human beings are being created and destroyed for research grants to study a therapeutic dead-end. If anyone knows of another reason, please tell me about it.

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