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Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Defeat Death Panels

Government death panels are not all-powerful.  The one in Canada that has been holding Baby Joseph’s life in its hands has been defeated. Fr. Pavone from Priests for Life has arranged for Baby Joseph to be transferred to a Catholic, charitable children’s hospital in St. Louis.

St. Louis, the city, is named after King Louis IX of France, who had 11 children. He became king at age 9 under a regent, and reigned from the age of 19 until his death at 55 in 1270.

As for the death panel, the Priests for Life website notes, "The medical board overseeing his case is apparently convinced that giving proper care to 'Baby Joseph' is futile. They don’t mean that the medical care won’t help him. They mean his life in its current condition isn’t worth the trouble."

Baby Joseph is not likely ever to recover from his neurological disease. His life will be short. According to the Canadian death panel, the kid’s life is a waste of time and resources. That is what happens when health care is rationed artificially. 

What Priests for Life has done is to ensure he will be given humane care until the end.

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